Van Cleef & Arpels classic zipper necklace

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Van Cleef & Arpels one word than zipper wholesale van cleef & arpels clover necklace classic design, its design philosophy to Mrs. White Windsor, This is the jewelry brand will be converted to daily necessities, haute couture jewelry model.

The wearer can pull down the zipper pull any, as may be true zipper slide design, when the zipper is opened, becoming the trapping neck necklace occasion, when zipped, that turned into a delicate bracelet.

fake van cleef alhambra necklace
fake van cleef alhambra necklace

However, Van Cleef & Arpels ingenuity does not stop there, because the high hardness of fake van cleef & arpels clover ring, if inadvertently sliding friction between the fastener when each diamond will leave scratches and reduce clarity, and therefore in the production of zipper necklaces have adding anti-friction design , significantly increases the difficulty of the process section of the jewelry.

This convertible design gives the work interesting and yet practical features, the perfect embodiment of the Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels spirit of innovation.

Choose the right replica van cleef & arpels clover ring is a lot of learning. A very ordinary dress up often because the selection of jewelry and change dramatically.

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