The meaning of boys gave the crystal jewelry to girls

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For girls, a beautiful girl always van cleef & arpels Alhambra jewelry replica box essential accessories, girl’s birthday or Valentine’s Day every always receive the boys sent bracelet, then you know the boy to send girl crystal bracelet means?

Boys send girls bracelet earliest legends is to clarify ownership, after the social status of ancient women withdrew, became a vassal of the man, in the war, the winner of the other tribal woman role booty brought back after, in order to prevent escape , it will be tied with a chain around their necks and hands.

Later that slowly became a local custom, that is, when men and women officially married to grab a way to put the woman at the man received. It is thus gradually formed the boy sent the girl a custom replica van cleef & arpels Alhambra jewelry!

high quality vca necklace
high quality vca necklace

Boys send girls crystal necklace from the first meaning is a homonym, send a necklace, what I want and you are connected, is based on the homonym, so every Valentine’s Day or the birthday girl, the boy if you want to tell the truth, they It will be presented on an exquisite necklace, especially the more introverted boy, but this time select suitable fake van cleef & arpels Alhambra jewelry gift!

Boys send girls crystal necklace Another explanation is that the meaning of leash on the other side, to send a necklace to his beloved people just want to hitch the other side of the heart, so that the other party will not be taken away, especially boys Get to fiancee cheap van cleef & arpels Alhambra jewelry, when the meaning is to hitch the other side of the heart, so that they are more elegant.

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