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Exemption from New Jersey Sales and Use Tax

Aug 13

Written by: - Oliver Walling
8/13/2012 10:23 AM  RssIcon

Many times over my 33 years working with fire districts I have been asked to supply Boards with their sales tax certificate number or for a blank Sales Tax form because the vendor was insisting upon one being submitted.

New Jersey Division of Taxation states in its Bulletin S&U-6 that "...the State of New Jersey and its political subdivisions are exempt from paying sales tax provided the agency making the purchase supplies the seller with a copy of a valid purchase order or contract signed by an authorized official."

We have a copy of a letter from the State stating the same thing. A copy of the letter is available at NJFireDistricts.org as a downloadable document.

If your vendor is still refusing to honor this letter and your P.O., I recommend preparing an ST-4. I have a sample of a prepared ST-4 as a downloadable document at NJFireDistricts.org. Just fill in your information and send it to your vendor along with the sales tax letter.

If you have paid sales tax to a vendor, you are entitled to a refund. You are also entitled to a refund of sales tax paid to a telephone company or fuel company. Check for these "hidden" sales tax charges. Budgets are tight so make sure you are not overpaying on your purchases.

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